Me? I’m a thirty-something mother of two, wife of one (hey, in this day and age, nothing surprises me, let alone polygamy/polyandry). I am overweight and poochy, but I’m working on that.

I like to jog, but have taken a hip-pain induced sabbatical. So I get my heart rate up at a local gym where I love Step Interval and Power classes. I’ll also suffer through a Spin class from time to time.

I love to read, sleep, and snuggle with my two girls, whom I educate at home. I lucked out and married the greatest guy in the world, and together we enjoy the ups of life, and pray through the downs.

I am a child of God who is never more grateful than when I think of the sacrifice made for me and all others. I am a mess, a work in progress, an optimist, and a gal who loves to laugh. When I do, you can often hear it three counties over.

I blog to think through and celebrate each of the 100 pounds I have lost and have yet to lose.


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